Individual Monitoring Committees

Individual Monitoring Committee (CSI)

Composition of the CSI

CSI members are first chosen by the thesis supervisors and then recommended to the doctoral school. The CSI must include at least two persons (teacher-researchers and/or researchers) who are not involved in supervising/overseeing the student’s thesis work. At least one CSI member must have HDR certification to direct research and hail from outside the research team (HCERES-evaluated team) and at least two members must be scientists hailing from outside the student’s registration institution. Members can be chosen from the private (business) sector. The CSI member designated CSI President shall validate the contents of the CSI report prior to signature. In the event of a committee member resigning, he/she will be replaced according to the same procedure. Finally, CSI members cannot be chosen as thesis reviewers (rapporteurs) when forming the Thesis Defence Committee. The CSI composition must be submitted within the first 6 months of the thesis. 

CSI missions

The CSI meeting offers PhD students the opportunity to take stock of their thesis preparation and review their progress. Students can also discuss any and all problems encountered (scientific, material and/or relational difficulties). 

Organization of CSI meetings

The CSI meets upon request by the PhD student and thesis supervisors. The Thesis Supervisor and any Co-Supervisor(s) (notably for theses pursued at several research units/teams or for jointly supervised theses) must attend all CSI meetings. The participation of one or more CSI members via video-conferencing is strongly recommended. 
The first meeting is scheduled during the first thesis year, to validate the thesis contents and calendar, and the second meeting is scheduled for the end of the second year. A third CSI meeting can be held if the PhD student or Thesis Supervisor believes it necessary to finalize the thesis or if a 4th-year registration is planned. 
Each CSI meeting must include a confidential interview of the PhD student (excluding his/her supervisors) lasting at least 15 minutes. The meeting report is then transmitted to the doctoral school (assistant) directorate for validation. 

The CSI and reregistrations

At the end of the meeting, the CSI members, thesis supervisors and PhD student complete the CSI report, according to the template provided by the doctoral school. The original report is then sent to the doctoral school’s site office, with copies sent to the PhD student, Thesis Supervisor, director of the host research unit/team and all CSI members. In this report, the CSI members provide a detailed “reregistration recommendation” (for 2nd, 3rd or 4th year reregistrations), as well as furnishing any relevant additional recommendations. This report also includes the recommendation of the thesis directorate. In the event of any problem/difficulty, the (assistant) directorate transmits the CSI report to the Thesis Committee for its recommendation.  If all recommendations are favourable, the Doctoral School Director/Assistant Director proposes to the head of the accredited institution the student’s 2nd-, 3rd- or 4th-year reregistration. Therefore, the PhD student’s reregistration depends upon the submission of this report signed by the student, the thesis supervisors and the CSI members. 
The CSI report template is available via this link